Reflector materials for marine applications: adhesion to navigation buoys

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Product Name: Reflector materials: 3M Diamond Grade, Oralite VC310, Nikkalite CRG 92000 and Avery Dennison Omnicube. Substrate: Meritaito navigation buoy
Test Method: Adhesion of the reflector materials to substrate under different conditions, permanence of adhesion, re-adhesion, effect of temperature, effect of humidity, effect of solar radiation
Client: Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency, Väylä
Test Result:

Adhesion and weather resistance of the reflector materials under test:

1. Good adhesion and weather resistance:
Oralite VC310
2. Moderate adhesion and weather resistance:
3M Diamond Grade
Nikkalite CRG 92000
3. Poor adhesion and weather resistance:
Avery Dennison Omnicube

Test Purpose:

To investigate the adhesiveness of the reflective sheetings used in marine applications by attaching the reflectors to navigation buoys under different weather conditions. To investigate how varying weather conditions affect the permanence of the adhesion of the reflective sheeting. Based on the results, the reflective sheetings under test are put in order of rank.

Test Method in Detail:

A) Application
1) Low substrate surface temperature, ≤-10℃
2) High substrate surface temperature, ≥+50℃
3) Substrate surface temperature ~+10℃
4) Substrate surface temperature ~+10℃, wet substrate surface

B) Storage for 24 h in conditions 1), 2) and 3) listed in A.

C) Inspections after B.

D) Cyclic weathering for 21 days
Ambient temperature, T(Amb) = -10℃ – +60℃
High humidity, 95 – 100 %RH, during the high temperature cycle
Solar irradiation

E) Inspections after D.