Reflector materials for marine applications: abrasion resistance

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Product Name: Reflector materials: 3M Diamond Grade, Oralite VC310, Nikkalite ULS 800, Nikkalite CRG 92000 and Avery Dennison Omnicube.
Test Method: Mechanical abrasion, investigation of abrasion resistance
Client: Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency, Väylä
Test Result:

The tested materials can be put in the following order according to their resistance to abrasion:
1. Oralite VC310
Nikkalite ULS 800
2. Nikkalite CRG 92000
3M Diamond Grade
3. Avery Dennison Omnicube

Test Purpose:

To investigate, and compare with each other, the resistance to abrasion of five different reflector materials used in navigation marks and in maritime aids to navigation in fairways.

Test Method in Detail:

Abrasion with a wheel rotating over the test item with minimum pressure
The wheel covered by sand paper (180)
Rate: 90 times per minute
Gloss 85° measurement and photographing