Exterior paint, traditional paint, Väritiimi Petroleum oil paint C base

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Product Name: Väritiimi Petroleum oil paint C base
Test Method: Effect of UV radiation and moisture; measurement of colour and gloss
Client: Virtasen Maalitehdas
Test Result:

In good light conditions, the colour change is just about detectable with the human eye.

Test Purpose:

The testing examined changes in colour and gloss, due to the effect of ultraviolet radiation (UV radiation) and moisture, on a surface painted with petroleum-based oil paint. The tested colours were red (TM-7742), yellow (TM-7411) and green (TM-7821).

Test Method in Detail:

The samples were exposed to 1 000 hours of ultraviolet radiation, in which the radiant power of UV radiation corresponds to the radiant power of the sun on a bright summer day. The amount of energy of the UV radiation accumulated is, on average, of the same magnitude as the amount of energy accumulated on a horizontal plane during the period of one year in Southern Finland. The temperature of a yellow paint surface during the test was about 50–55°C. The test also included a 24-hour moisture stress. The test method is based on the ISO 4892-3 standard.