Laboratory measuring instrument

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Product Name: Labrox 5 in 1 multimode plate reader, blood sample analysis
Test Method: Effect of UV radiation; measurement of colour and gloss
Client: Labrox Oy
Test Result:

There was no visually noticeable change in colour.

The gloss value changed little, but the change could only barely be noticed by a trained person and only in a certain lighting. The change of gloss in aluminium sample was smaller and was very difficult to notice. The exposure caused no visual change in the white ID marking.A photograph of the black plastic material with the ID marking can be seen in the figure.


Test Purpose:

This test is performed for testing if the UV-radiation from the sunlight through the windows can cause significant degradation of the cover materials and labels used in the Labrox 5 in 1 multimode plate reader.

Test Method in Detail:

Continuous high intensity UVA radiation for 500 hours (3 weeks). Total UV-dose during the test corresponds the UV-energy in Northern Europe during one average year outside, 2.5 average years near south facing window inside, and 10 years away from windows inside. The colour and gloss of black plastic and grey aluminium material and ID marking were monitored during the UV exposure. The test method is based on ISO 4892 Plastics – Methods of exposure to laboratory light sources, Part 1: General guidance and Part 3: Fluorescent UV lamps.