Uv radiation and high humidity test for acoustic plaster finishes

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Product Name: VISIBLE® Fine, Medium and Texture. VISIBLE® colored and after colored fiber -range
Test Method: Effect of uv radiation and high humidity. Colour measurement.
Client: Invisible Acoustic Ceilings Scandinavia Oy
Test Result:

UV radiation caused some yellowing in the white materials. No other colour changes perceptible to eye were observed. Based on the long-term study, it can be estimated that this accelerated uv test corresponds to at least 10 years in a real office environment.

Exposure to high relative humidity did not cause any changes in the appearance of the plaster finishes or in their adhesion to the different base materials used.

Test Purpose:

To investigate the possible changes in the acoustic ceiling materials when exposed to UV lighting and high relative humidity.

Test Method in Detail:

High intensity uv radiation for 3 weeks at 40°C
High humidity 95%RH for one week at 40°C
Colour measurement and visual inspections
ref. ISO4892-1, ISO4892-3, CIELAB L*a*b*

You can visit the product page here https://invisibleacousticceilings.com/