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Solar radiation and high humidity test for Cubo and Polybox enclosures

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Product Name: Cubo S, O, D and Polybox enclosures
Test Method: Effect of solar radiation and high humidity.
Client: Ensto Building Systems Finland Oy
Test Result:

The samples passed the tests. The yellowing of PC+GF material can be seen with the naked eye. The visual appearance of the other materials remained almost unchanged.

Test Purpose:

To test how the samples under test withstand a long-term exposure to
solar radiation, heat and high humidity.

Test Method in Detail:

Solar radiation exposure 2000h
Continuous irradiation
UV intensity 60 W/m2
Spray cycle 18min in every 120min
Tamb +38°C
Sample rotation, weekly
Test conditions are derived from the ISO 4892-1 and 4892-2 (2013), Method A, cycle 4

Colour DE in every 500 exposure hours

Mechanical tests:
Tensile strenght, charpy impact, flexural modulus