Plastic material used for navigation buoys with different colour materials

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Product Name: Navigation buoy
Test Method: UV exposure with water spray, colour and gloss measurements
Client: SeaHow by Meritaito Oy
Test Result:

Changes in colour and gloss were small; colour difference DE was 2 – 4 for Brenntag Canada Inc. and ≤ 2 for Plasticolor Sweden AB and variation in gloss was within 20 percentage points for both colour materials. Chromaticity of the colours was not changed.

Test Purpose:

Testing of colour stability of polyethylene material used for SeaHow navigation buoys.

Test Method in Detail:

Exposure to Xenon-arc light Cycle: 102 min dry, 18 min water spray T(BlackPanel): 63 ± 2°C Duration: 1000h (~6 weeks) Exposure method is based on ASTM D2565 “Standard Practice for Xenon-Arc Exposure of Plastics Intended for Outdoor Applications ” Colour CIELAB1976 and ∆E (colour change), after 0, 333, 667 and 1000 hours exposure Gloss 60° and Residual gloss, after 0, 333, 667 and 1000 h exposure Chromaticity coordinate zone analysis, before and after the exposure