Cable, cable outer sheath

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Product Name: Outer jacket of the XCMK-HF 2x16mm2+1x16mm2 cable
Test Method: Effect of UV radiation
Client: Servicios Condumex S.A.DE C.V
Test Result:

Weakening of the cable outer jacket did not exceed the limits set by the standards.

Test Purpose:

The testing examined the cable outer jacket’s resistance to UV radiation.

Test Method in Detail:

The test consisted of uninterrupted 1 000-hour (6 weeks) strong UV radiation and tensile testing during stress. The tensile test was used to determine any changes in the material’s mechanical properties. That test was carried out to five parallel samples before stress: after 350 test hours and by the end of the test. The method is based on the NF C 32-062-2 and IEC 60811-1-1/A1:2001 standards.