Test results

Low-temperature crack resistance and waterproofness for coated fabrics

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Product Name: Vinyplan 6764, 6571, 6581
Test Method: Low-Temperature Crack Resistance and waterproofness
Client: Scantarp Oy
Test Result:

All materials passed the test. The test was performed for three different coated fabrics, Vinyplan 6764 (Blue), Vinyplan 6571 (Yellow) and Vinyplan 6581 (Orange). Five specimens of each material were tested. The temperature was -50°C and length of the exposure was 14 h. The hydrostatic resistance of the coated fabrics under test is at least 20 000 mmH2O.

Test Purpose:

To determine the resistance of coated fabrics to cracking when exposed to low temperature, and the subsequent ability to maintain hydrostatic resistance.

Test Method in Detail:

Low-Temperature Crack Resistance test based on ASTM D751 − 06 (2011)

Low temperature exposure at -50°C for 14 hours.

Low temperature crack prosedure which includes visual axamination for signs of coating cracking or flaking.

Hydrostatic resistance.