Functional Solar Test for Arctic Fox 10ft Shelter System

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Product Name: Arctic Fox 10ft Shelter System
Test Method: Effect of solar radiation, surface temperature measurements
Client: Senop Oy
Test Result:

Arctic Fox Senop Solar Simulator Testing

The highest surface temperatures of the roof of the shelter were: 90℃ – 100 (outside) and 55℃ – 60(inside).

The difference between the outside and inside surface temperatures was 40℃ – 45℃ when the ambient temperature and irradiance were high. When the air conditioner was operating, the corresponding surface temperature difference was 70℃ – 80℃. Therefore, there is a large temperature gradient in the roof material.

The air conditioner worked properly when the ambient temperature and irradiance were at their highest.

A deformation, that is, a depression of 1.5 cm was observed on the roof.

Test Purpose:

The heating effects of direct solar radiation on Arctic Fox 10ft Shelter System were investigated at realistic maximum levels of irradiance and ambient temperature on earth.

Particular attention shall be paid to the roof of the shelter and any changes therein.

  • To determine the highest temperature that the test item will reach during an exposure to direct sunlight in hot climates.

  • To evaluate the possible changes, like deformation or degradation caused by solar radiation.

Test Method in Detail:

Modified test method based on MIL-STD-810G METHOD 505.5 Procedure I, Cycle A1

Irradiance levels: 0 W/m2, 200 W/m2, 650 W/m2 and 1 120 W/m2
Ambient temperature: 32℃ – 49℃
Duration: 3 cycles (72 h)

Measurements and inspections:
Continuous surface temperature logging at selected positions (outside/inside the roof)
Continuous ambient temperature measurement (outside/inside the shelter)

Checking the operation of the air conditioner before testing and during the third test cycle
Inspection of the possible deformation of the roof