Durability of a soft touch automotive panel in marine conditions

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Product Name: Soft touch automotive panel, rigid PUR panel
Test Method: Salt mist, UV, high temperature, colour and gloss measurement
Client: Novoplastik Oy
Test Result:

The samples withstood the marine conditions well.

The marine conditions were tested by exposing the samples to UV radiation, salt and heat, separately and as a combination. Based on the amount of UV energy, the testing time corresponds to about one year under natural conditions in Australia. The changes observed in the samples were minor. The biggest changes were barely visible with the naked eye.

Test Purpose:

To test how the samples withstand UV radiation, heat and salt water to which they may be exposed to in their actual marine-use environment. UV radiant exposure corresponds to one year in real end-use conditions in Australia.

The test contains three exposures. The purpose of the UV and salt water exposures is to specify possible effects on the samples before exposing the samples to a combination test. The combination test includes UV, salt water and heat exposures.

Test Method in Detail:

1) UV exposure conditions are derived from ISO 4892-1 and -3 standards
Continuous UV radiation (UVA-340, 60 W/m2 at 300 – 400 nm)
Ambient temperature: +40°C ± 2°C
Duration: 500 h (three weeks)

2) Salt water conditions are derived from MIL810G method 509.5
Salt solution: NaCl 5%, pH 6.5 – 7.2 (neutral)
Test cycle: 24 hours salt mist, 24 hours hour drying, repeated six cycles until the total duration of 288h was reached.

3) Marine use conditions, combination of UV + salt water + heat
Test cycle:
1. 24 h UV
2. 24h salt spray
3. 24 h heat, Ambient temperature +60°C± 2°C
4. 96 h UV
Repeated until the total UV energy dose 125 kWh/m2 was reached.

Visual inspection, colour and gloss measurement.

Calculations of the solar UV radiant exposure and its correspondence to the natural solar UV radiant exposure on different locations on earth.

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