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Product Name: Fabric of diving shirts "Turtle Breath"and "Buddha Face"
Test Method: Effect of solar radiation and UV radiation, colour measurement
Client: TommiDive
Test Result:

The test results show that blue and yellow TommiDive dive shirt fabric protects well from sunlight exposure. Based on the test result It prevents transmission of sunlight better than the tested sunscreen with SPF of 30. Tested fabrics were from TommiDive yellow and blue diving shirts. Sunlight exposure under TommiDive yellow and blue fabric and sunscreen.

Test Purpose:

This test is performed for testing how well the TommiDive diving shirt fabric protects from sunlight exposure and particularly UV-light exposure.

Test Method in Detail:

The test method is to measure fading of red colour of a certain sail fabric when protected by TommiDive yellow or blue shirt fabric and sunscreens when exposed with simulated sunlight. In addition similar test was done under UV-A radiation exposure. Earlier tests have shown that the red colour of the used sail fabric easily fades when exposed to simulated sunlight or UV-light.