Roofing and facade material, building material, copper, Nordic Standard

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Product Name: Nordic Standard
Test Method: Effect of solar radiation and moisture, colour
Client: Aurubis Finland Oy
Test Result:

Aurubis Finland, Arcitectural

Test Purpose:

The testing examined colour and gloss changes in copper due to the effect of solar radiation and moisture.

Test Method in Detail:

The colour and gloss of a copper sheet was measured weekly. The sheet was aged by the use of combined daylight and moisture stress. Acidic (pH 5) sulfidic water was used for the moisture stress test of the sample. The total duration of the test was 1 000 hours. The dose of solar radiation was 1 224 kWh/m2. A product in Northern Europe will be subjected to a comparable dose of solar radiation during a time span of 16 months on average.