Pendant luminaire, Aspiro 8000

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Product Name: Aspiro 8000. Designed by Seppo Koho. Handmade of PEFC-certified formpressed Finnish birch.
Test Method: Light intensity distribution measurement
Client: Secto Design Oy
Test Result:

Luminaire Aspiro 8000 and the light distribution curve of it is shown below. Since the luminaire is symmetric the light distribution curve is similar at every C-plane.


Aspiro 8000 product details.

Test Purpose:

This measurement is performed for giving accurate light intensity distribution data for llumination modeling. This information can be used e.g. with DiaLux modelling software to model how the lighting changes the ambiance in a room.

Test Method in Detail:

The light intensity distribution of the luminaire is measured by moving a detector of a photometer around the luminaire recording illuminance in one vertical plane (C-plane). The luminaire can be rotated around the vertical axis for the illuminance recoding in other vertical planes. Here, however, the luminaire is rotationally symmetric and light distribution in every vertical plane is the same.